How to germinate Cannabis seeds?

There are different ways of germinating cannabis seeds. The method described below has proven to be the most effective and successful way. Please follow the instructions carefully.

2 x Dinner plates
4 x Paper towel sheets
1 x Bottle of mineral water
1 x Package of GermXpress© germination booster
1 x Pair of tweezers

Step 1 of the germination process of cannabis seedsSTEP 1. Make sure you have a clean working environment! Rinse the plates with plain water to wash off cleaning solution residue. Do NOT touch the seeds with your bare hands! Your hands may be contaminated with hazardous bacteria, chemical residue or nicotine! Use a pincer to handle the seeds. We also advise to use bottled mineral water instead of tap-water during the following steps because the water quality may differ from country to country. Some countries have poor quality tap-water that may harm the seeds!



Step 2 of the germination process of cannabis seedsSTEP 2. Use one plate to soak all paper towels with mineral water. Drain the excess water by  tilting the plate. Then place 2 sheets of wet paper towels on the other dinner plate and carefully place the seeds on the plate using the pincer. Spread the seeds so they have as much space as possible. Now cover the seeds with the remaining 2 sheets of wet paper towels.




Step 3 of the germination process of cannabis seedsSTEP 3. Cover the plate with the other plate by placing it upside down on the bottom plate like a sea-shell. Make sure that both plates cover each other precisely ensuring that the seeds lay in a dark and moist environment. Gently put the plates in a dark and warm place with a constant temperature of 21ºC.




Step 4 of the germination process of cannabis seedsSTEP 4. Check every 24 hours if the paper towels are still moist. If  necessary use a plant spray with some bottled mineral water to moist the paper towels. Do not overdo it! Be very gentle with lifting the paper towels to check the seeds. Always make sure that you properly cover the seeds and the plate again.




Step 5 of the germination process of cannabis seedsSTEP 5. After a few days one or more seeds should open and put out a little root. Normally a cannabis seed will open within 3 days but it sometimes happens that it will take even up to 2 weeks for a seed to germinate so be patient! When a root of a couple of millimeters has emerged the seeds should be CAREFULLY transferred to a growing medium.




Step 6 of the germination process of cannabis seedsSTEP 6. We advise you to use a mini greenhouse using either soil or Rockwool to pre-grow your cannabis plants. First make sure that the growing medium is moist. Do not overdo it as you don't want to drown your seedlings!





Step 7 of the germination process of cannabis seedsSTEP 7. Next make a little hole in the growing medium that the seed will fit in. The upper side of the seed should be between 2-5mm below the surface. Now carefully place the seed with the ROOT DOWN using a pincer and  gently cover the hole with a little bit of growing medium, just to block the light. Do not force it otherwise you will either damage or block your seedling from emerging!



Step 8 of the germination process of cannabis seedsSTEP 8. Normally your seedling should emerge within 1-3 days. And again be patient as it sometimes can take up to 2 weeks before the seedling will emerge. Place your mini greenhouse on a spot in bright daylight. Keep it there for a about 2 weeks before planting them. Be careful as the plants are still very fragile!





For further steps in the growing process we refer to our Outdoor Grow Guide.


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