Grow Autoflowering Cannabis seeds indoors?

Publié le 11/08/2013

  • Grow Autoflowering Cannabis seeds indoors?

We get a lot of questions about Autoflowering Cannabis seeds. We  have written this article to explain more about autoflowering cannabis seeds and what they are used for. 

Flowering of a regular weed plant without Autoflower
A normal cannabis plant, planted outside,  starts flowering late in the season when the days get shorter. The plant is exposed to less sunlight so it starts to produce a flowering hormone so that your plant starts flowering and produce cannabis buds. So a normal marijuana plant depends on the amount of sunlight to be able to flower.

Flowering of a cannabis plant with Autoflowering
A Cannabis plant with the Auto-flowering property does not depend on the amount of light (photoperiod). It will start to flower automatically after a certain period when they reach a certain maturity, regardless of the amount of (day)light. This is made possible because of the Cannabis Ruderalis genetics which has the Automatic flowering ability. By crossbreeding certain plant with the Ruderalis a whole new variety of autoflowering plants have been created.

Advantage Autoflowering seeds Indoor?
When you grow weed indoors you manage the light cycle manually. In the beginning you have to use a 18 hours light cycle to pre-grow your babies. When they are big enough you switch over to a 12 hours light cycle. The 12 hours light cycle simulates the shorter days in the season so that your plant starts flowering. So, when you grow indoors you really don’t need an auto flowering seed because your seedling will start to flower immediately when you switch to the 12 hours photo period.